The Projects We Support

S. P. J. Sadhana School: This is a school in Mumbai for the mentally and physically challenged children. Managing such children is a challenge and requires a high degree of dedication and patience from teachers. Recognizing the importance of these dedicated and experienced   teachers for such a school , the Foundation decided to support these teachers financially so that the good teachers can be retained, giving the children an emotional attachment so critical in their rehabilitation and ensuring  that the school can maintain a teacher student ratio of 1:3 which is essential for personalized education. 
To view more about the S.P.J. Sadhana School please visit


A.H.Tobaccowala Model Farm and Training Centre: This  project is run by the Kherwadi Social Welfare Association, which is one of the leading Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) in India. This Model Farm provides training to small and marginal farmers of the area in the fields of agriculture, horiculture, floriculture, animal husbandary and other expertise that  help the farmers increase their yields and earnings. Thus enabling them to  lift themselves out of poverty. The Tobaccowala Foundation has helped underwrite both the building of the farm and purchasing the necessary equipment to help train the farmers.

For more on the great work the  Kherwadi Social Welfare Association does please visit


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 Anwarali Tobaccowala Vocational Training Center:
 This project is also run by the Kherwadi Social Welfare Association and provides training in 13 different skills to school dropouts allowing them to earn a living. These include skills necessary to become an electrician, a tailor, a carpenter, amongst others. The courses available are provided to both girls and boys with an emphasis on girls to ensure they can become financially independent. The Foundation has underwritten the construction of the Vocational Training Center.
For more on the great work the Kherwadi Social Welfare Association does please visit

Modern Educational Social & Cultural Organization (MESCO)
This organization underwrites a number of different charitable activities including running nursery schools in the slums of Mumbai and provides dialysis services to those suffering from Kidney Disease. The Tobaccowala Foundation allocates funds to help pay for ongoing dialysis treatment for 8 individuals and to  support two nurseries. 

For more on the good work MESCO pursues please visit
Zainab Tobaccowala Education Center: This school, named after the late Mr. Tobaccowala’s mother, is a secular English medium school, where more than two hundred children from surrounding rural areas receive an education. The main issues confronting the school were retaining good teachers, and the provision of safe and reliable transport for the students. The funds provided by the Foundation have made it possible to successfully resolve both these concerns. The first by providing funds to retain teachers, and the second by gifting a new bus to the school
CMCA - Children's Movement For Civic Awareness: CMCA iss a non-profit organisation and is one among very few organisations in India which focuses on strengthening citizenship and democracy values in children and youth, through "active citizenship". The Foundation has adopted 5 schools in Mumbai where CMCA runs their programs. The Foundation feels that supporting such movements makes children better citizens of India.

For more information on the activities of CMCA log on to 

Pragnyalay: A retirement home run by nuns, for teachers and social workers who have spent their entire lives serving their communities and now need a place of refuge to live out their final years in dignity. The Foundation not only  helps underwrite both day to day expenses including salaries of nurses but also infrastructure upgrades including the installation of wall railings, an emergency call bell system and landscape improvements to the beautiful courtyard garden.

University of Chicago Booth School of Business: The Foundation provides a $25,000 grant each year for two students from India to be educated at this leading business school which over 50 years ago was the Alma Mater of the late Mr. A.H. Tobaccowala and provided grants to ensure the completion of his education. The scholarship aids not only the students but also the  University of Chicago in meeting its objectives of attracting the most talented students from India.

Rotary Club of Pune Central: Two projects of this club are underwritten by The Tobaccowala Foundation. 

The first project involves underwriting the technology and software for e-Learning at Moledina Primary School for young students. This technology enables advanced audio-visual teaching in different subjects to four grade levels. Students learn much more using these new methods.
The second project involves underwriting eye surgery transplants in area hospitals for those who cannot afford them. Many hundreds of patients are given the gift of sight.

Cancer Patients Aid Association: The foundation underwrites all the costs of treatment for a number of young children, whose families cannot pay for their medical care. Both terminal and patients in remission are assured of all their medical expenses being met for as long as they require treatment. 

For more on the good work being done by the Cancer Patients Aid Association please see

Osmosis Centre: This centre helps differently enabled children with Down's syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, ADHD, etc The mission of the Osmosis Centre is to bridge the gap between the child’s level of learning and the demands of their school curriculum. The key strategy is to provide early intervention to children with learning issues, recognize the strengths of the child and motivate them to overcome their difficulties. The task is huge as almost one in ten children are impacted by learning issues in school. With the right instructions and guidance, there is no limit to what a child can do. The Centre is run by qualified staff who work along with the School authorities and Parents to identify and promote  the areas in which the child is most proficient and in a play way method, reach out to the students so that they gain confidence and shine in the area in which they  have an inborn talent.